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Zanna Starr

Wow, I love seeing all of these Ace of Wands(es) together in one post. Great idea for the Ostara Hop!


Loved seeing all these wands together!! Gives me alot to think about!


Yay, a picture post - my brain was hurting from all the reading all the fabulous posts on this tour! :-D Out of these, my favourites are the last two... Looking forward to Lisa Hunt's deck already. I have the Crystal Visions, the Swiss, the RW, the Goddess and the Rohrig... although the Swiss is being decimated bit by bit as I use it for ritual work.

Beautiful cards! Lovely to see so many all grouped together like this :-)

Ali x


This was a lovely tour of the Ace of Wands throughout different tarot decks... I only have two on the list, the RWS and Deviant Moon. But I will definitely need Lisa Hunt's Ghosts and Spirits deck when it comes out! Thanks for "hopping" with us!

Aphrodisiastes Le Fay

Great post! And I love the Ace of Wands from Rider-Waite SMITH tarot, Motherpeace tarot, Goddess Tarot, Deviant Moon tarot, Crystal Visions Tarot, and Ghosts and Spirits tarot. Their artwork is wonderful and they are amazing interpretation of this particular tarot card. The Ace of Wands also reminds me of the Feminist "Rosie - the Riveter". WE CAN DO IT! :) Thank you for inspiring us.


Great idea, really wonderful to see all the interpretations. Thanks.



Fun. I don't have all these decks, but I want them. Does that count?


Quite the phallic post. ;-)

Donna L. Faber

Awesome way to review Spring ... so many different interpretations! Astounding!


Gorgeous, all of them!

Amanda Donnelly

I love all the Aces! Eagerly awaiting the Ghosts and Spirits.

James Joss

Great post - really great to see the evolution of the Tarot in such a succinct form. Ghosts and Spirits looks interesting - mysterious and magical yet a little creepy! Reminds me of a light version of the Dark Grimoire

( )

Tarot Lovers App

Nice collection of images to make me pause and take in.

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