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Lynn Merritt

Queens to me represent mature feminine energies, the difference from Kings are that Kings represent mature masculine energies. Put that way, it is the energies not the gender. That said, when looking at gender. Queens typically represent mature women.

Queen of Pentacles: Good businesswoman, a woman who is well versed in her career. A woman who is good with money.

Queen of Cups: A woman who is a natural counselor and gives good advice. An emotionally warm woman and one who is trustworthy.

Queen of Swords: A mean, cold woman. Thinks more with her head, not with her heart. A woman to watch out for, and can go behind your back. You know the type.. a big "B"

Queen of Wands: A naturally spiritual woman. A woman who is into her spirituality and is kind & giving.


Well I've always looked at the Queens as having the same basic energies as the Kings but the Queens manifest that energy more internally. The Queens accomplish things more quietly an don't have to make a big show of their abilities. The Kings show themselves outwardly.

Oh cut me to the quick! :-) I frequently use the Queen of Swords as my significator. I don't view this Queen as mean and cold (altho she could be). I view her as being the one who has worked very hard all her life and has accomplished many things mainly through her own efforts and intellect. She is direct and that may be what people have difficulties with. But viewing her at a bitch is IMHO an extreme interpretation no different than defining the Queen of Cups as someone who is oppressively overprotective with no common sense. Does the extreme definition fit some people? Of course. But not everyone. Its all shades of light and dark.

Lisa Hunt

I love painting the Queen cards. They're probably my favorite cards to tackle. I feel an affinity for her in her various incarnations. I'm always a little puzzled when people try define her within the confines of limited linear terms. For example, the Queen of Cups can mean different things for different people depending on the personality and situation. I see each Queen card having certain propensities, but they are like opinionated sisters who may have different views about different situations. I don't see Queen of Swords as negative. I think there is often an underlying message beyond the cold facade. I explore this in the Ghosts and Spirits Tarot--as I dig ever deeper into the cards and their subtle meanings. The Queens have so much to offer on so many levels.

USGS Staff

What fascinating insights, Lynn, Harper and Lisa!

Lynn, do you have any positive impressions of the Queen of Swords?

I have a soft spot for all the Swords cards, really, especially the Queen of Swords (who tends to get slammed with insulting names).

I'm wondering if this Queen gets the "bad rap" because, in many cultures and families, women weren't seen as "good marriage material" if they were opinionated, smart, intellectual, competent, literate, articulate, etc.--words that I tend to associate with the Queen of Swords, come to think of it! :o)

USGS Staff

By the way, Lisa, it's so nice to have you stop by and post! Hope to see you more; you always have such depth in your observations.

We're eagerly anticipating your upcoming Ghosts and Spirits Tarot--and I know that I'll *especially* be on the lookout for your treatment of the Queens. :o)

Lynn Merritt

The positive feelings about the Queen of Swords is that she is determined, gets things done is tough etc. However, in my thousands & thousands of readings I have performed professionally, The Queen of Swords has come up as a very difficult woman to deal with. My clients seem to always agree with what I am saying about a situation they have with someone. I go by that. Hey there are all kinds of women out there in the world and someone in the tarot deck has to represent the difficult woman. The Queen of Swords does that for me and my clients! The beauty of the Tarot is our interpretations can be unlimited; yet, I actually go with trends I see over & over again. Really, there is no right & wrong interpretations. I am always open to any nuances I see with regard to my psychic impressions of any given card! That is why every Tarot reader is unique.

USGS Staff

Very interesting, Lynn! I agree that our experiences reinforces certain associations with particular cards. :o)

Here's some shadow meanings for the other Queens I've come up with based on my own readings and associations:

Queen of Pentacles: She's usually a dull, shallow busy-body with nothing better to do than interfere in the life of her grown children, neighbors, friends, etc. Tends to be a boring homebody that cares more about appearances and the spotlessness of her home than actual personal connection. Or, she's a workhorse that prefers the familiar ruts of repetitive jobs; don't expect this one to be original!

Queen of Cups: She's usually co-dependent, using relationships to bolster her own (lacking) self-esteem. She may be creative and inspired, but her escapist tendencies often include benign neglect of her offspring and/or too much nursing of the ol' bottle.

Queen of Wands: This ambitious firebrand blazes through ideas, projects and people at lightning speed. That's right: if people don't serve her uses, she'll be outta there. Projects and innovative endeavors are her game, and if you're hanging on for the ride, you may want to strap a pillow to your backside when she jettisons you for more useful folks.

Now, no one one throw rotten tomatoes at me! *chuckles* Just riffing on the "dark side" of the other Queens that tend to be oh-so-much-more beloved than that no-BS Queen of Swords. :oD


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