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Anita Romeo

A bank robbery.

USGS Staff

Nope, not a bank robbery, Anita. :o) (By the way, thanks for stopping by and posting here at the Fool Stop Tarot Blog!)


Someone lit the fire and these people had no insurance for their house. It is a karmic test for them.

USGS Staff

Your first four words sums up the crime, Jean-Daniel! The name of the crime is ______?




Yes arson! That's a new word for me this morning. loll

USGS Staff

Yes, Debi! Arson!

Teehee, Jean-Daniel. ;o) You encapsulated the crime perfectly! (And added some spiritual depth, too boot.) Methinks I'll need to deputize you as a spiritual investigator for Tarot CSI...

USGS Staff

Gosh, you guys are so good...and so fast! Now I'll have to cook up some more crimes. *rubs hands together*

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