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I would say drunk driving + leaving the scene without giving assitance to people


I think you hit the nail on the head there! I agree: Driving under the influence/hit and run.


I agree with the DUI, but not the hit and run. In my mind, 9 of Cups would be happy high (or drunk) that wouldn't fit in with a hit and run. Worse case scenario: I think it could also indicate a drunk accidentally driving into a water filled ditch or a river - because of the abundance of cups.

USGS Staff

Ah--interesting observations, everyone!

Actually, it's just "drunk driving". If I were to illustrate drunk driving AND hitting someone, I'd choose 9 of Cups + The Chariot + 10 of Swords. If I add "fleeing the scene" to that crime, I think I'd pick the 8 of Wands or even the Knight of Swords. (And if our perp gets caught, why, I would add Justice to the end!)

What cards would you all pick for those varying scenarios? I'd be most interested in hearing what you would pick and why!

In the meantime, I'm going to have to cook up some tougher "crimes", because you guys are just way too smart and fast. :oD

-- Janet


Yes true Janet, 10 of Swords. 8 of Wands or even the Knight of Swords. I think I was influenced by the position a little self-sufficient that the person take on the 9 of cups.


Keep 'em coming Janet! A fun way to play with the cards!

USGS Staff

Your reasoning makes sense, Jean-Daniel! He does look self-satisfied, doesn't he just got away with something. *nods*

Thanks, Harper! Glad you like 'em! I'm going to change the name to Tarot Mysteries because I'm going to be "illustrating" other scenarios, too, like "what fairytale might this be?" or "what recent news event", and so on. :oD

Tom Goad

This is fun, even after the fact. But I have a challenge, or rather, two challenges -- one for Janet and one for the players.

Players, rather than simply naming the crime, why not write a mini-mystery story -- sort of like Agatha Christie or Raymond Chandler (but not a copy of those two authors of course.)

Janet,here is your challenge. There are 4 main elements to consider in a crime: a Suspect, a Motive, a Means to commit the crime (like a knife, a gun), or a burning stick). a motive and an opportunity (like being left alone with the victim at or just before the crime -- in other words, an alibi or lack thereof. Perhaps you could have your card selections mirror each of these elements, not just the type of crime itself. Also, don't forget the "Victim". Surely s/hee deserves a card of his/her own?

What a playful and charming way to use the cards. I suspect it will sharpen not only our sleuthing ability, but our tarot-reading ability as well.


USGS Staff

Oh what fantatic ideas, Tom! I was thinking of doing writing prompts with the Tarot, but your idea is even better. Woohoo! I hope others will try their hand at your challenge with the next Tarot Mystery!

I'm going to have to give your idea a try; how intriguing. Maybe I can pick a card to represent the Suspect, the Motive and the Victim (means might be too tricky). Just trying to guess those would likely birth a story or two, I would think!

Thanks for the great idea and for your enthusiasm! By all means keep those ideas, coming, too, should they pop in your head. :o)

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