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Lynn Merritt

Based on the drawn cards regarding Donna's issue with her daughter, Seneca, has been uncommunicative and moody, I would advise Donna to relate to her daughter by spending a mother-daughter day together. Perhaps go to the mall shopping and while they are doing that, Donna could unintrusively ask questions about Seneca's friends and what is going on with them. This may reveal something that is bothering Seneca and causing her to be moody.

Debi Towle

Hi Donna! I've pulled three cards for you to see what is going on. The first thing I see in the 6 of Cups is Nostalgia. You are remembering when life and communication was easier with your daughter. She was young, open to sharing everything with you and it was so much easier to understand what she was feeling. She is also remembering this, too, but hesitating now, as you have mentioned. This is leading right into the second card; the 2 of Swords. She is at a cross road in her life. Not a child anymore, but not an adult. She has approached a time when her body and her emotions are changing and challenging her and there is a lot of confusion going on inside of her. She isn't really sure who to talk to about these feelings. Does she talk to friends of her own age or chat with Mom as usual. She almost feels as though she needs to walk this path alone, and in some instances that is fine. But a gentle encouragement to her letting her know she can open up to you is timely. Try to remember when you were her age. Listen carefully to what she says. Is she hinting at anything? Is she showing an interest in boys or possibly in mnakeup or a new hobby? Little gestures can go a long way. Maybe it is time to set aside Mother/Daughter days of a bit of pampering. Would she like to get her nails done, or possibly redo the colours in her bedroom? Let her pick the paint, the bedspread, etc. Maybe she is ready to put away some toys. See what interests her and pay attention to the details. Maybe she would like to take in a movie or subscribe to a fashion magazine, take music lessons or join a club. Don't push the issue, but let her feel it out with some guidance from you. It is confusing times. Have you had a mother/daughter talk about the facts of life? Girls are maturing at a younger age. Be sure she is well informed and comfortable in her own skin as changes are definitely taking place. Understand, too, that she won't be sharing everything with you now and while you leave that venue open to her, it is okay for her to start feeling her way around on her own. She is growing up! The last card shows a very confident young lady. I don't feel that you have anything to fear. She is testing the waters with you and her friends, deciding who her confidants will be at this stage of her life. Let her spread her wings a bit and grow into a strong, self confident young lady, always letting her know your door is open (it would not hurt to reminisce on your own life at this age and how you felt) and be willing to let her share some secrets or feelings with her peers. Some of these friends may be friends for life for her. What a gift she is being offered by them and you! As difficult as it can be to see our children grow up and pull away from us, it is also an exciting time to see Who they are becoming! You may see glimpses of your younger self in the process!


I would say the three cards represent Seneca's past, present and future.

Two of swords shows us that Seneca is currently facing a decision. Unsure which option will give the best results, she is understandably hesitating and holds off the decision, for now.

Her hesitation stems from the fact that she is still young and inexperienced. Six of cups may also indicate that her dilemma has something to do with other children, perhaps her group of friends. This is not a serious issue (as all the cards are Minors), but for a child it is challenging enough.

Nine of pentacles says Seneca has all the skills she needs to cope with the situation, and that she will do so, in her own time. Ultimately this will help her develop her foresight (falcon-sharp vision) and be a step in the process of growing up. Donna can help her right now by providing stability and expressing that she will support her daughter, even if Seneca makes mistakes.

(I wonder if the issue is related in some way to material competition between children - everyone wanting to have the newest gadget, kids being ridiculed for the wrong brand of clothes, that sort of thing - but this is just a wild guess.)


There is good news in these cards. Your daughter is growing into a young woman, one who is or will be confident and self-reliant. But there is a challenge at the moment.

The 6 of Cups speaks of innocence and joys of childhood and its placement as the first card in the spread suggests that this time has largely past.

The 9 of Pentacles in the right hand position describes the future or the outcome and it represents self-reliance and bounty. The woman has a falcon, a token of power. Perhaps Seneca is itching to "spread her wings" as well.

But the challenge is depicted in the central card, the one describing the current moment and actions to be taken. The two of Swords shows a figure who holds two heavy swords, like the horns of a dilemma. She is blindfolded, that is, not given enough information. The Moon suggests the shadows of night, not a good time to act, but it also suggests monthly cycles especially since it is placed between a card about childhood and a card about abundant maturity. This figure might represent Seneca and her experience of the changes that she is going through. She might not be willing to leave her childhood so quickly.

But the figure might also represent you, Donna. It might be difficult to view your little girl as a woman. She still probably feels so young and in many ways she still is. But your challenge right now is to allow yourself the chance to see her as the adult she is growing into. She isn't there yet by any means. But permit yourself that awareness and new opportunities to interact with Seneca will present themselves. The night time depicted in the Two of Swords will pass, the blindfold will fall away and you will find chances to interact with your daughter again.


I sense Donna and Seneca are fairly well balanced individuals and have a loving relationship as mother and daughter respectively.

Pre-teen Seneca is filled with questions and angst over the kind of thoughts on her mind. Indecision time. Wanting to know, but afraid of embarrassment, not knowing how to ask.

Mom Donna, aware of her daughter's moodiness, could offer a *just for us girls* day; a weekend even. Let Seneca share in the decision making of what to do and where to go. This will give Donna a chance to brooch subjects in a casual way, giving Seneca the chance to open up.



Begin by letting your heart and emotions flourish as you reflect on the wonderful experiences and joyful times you've had with Seneca throughout her life. Consider making a list of six wonderful memories, or even finding six photos of the best times the two of you have had. These are for you to reflect on -- you don't need to share them with her. Remember that we can't repeat the past, but we can experience positive emotions again and again. So the love and deep connections you've had with Seneca can be experienced again and again, even if the circumstances of how you connect change over time. The 6 of cups gives you permission to indulge in wonderful memories...use nostalgia as your sounding board for finding the best way to support your daughter as she grows into a young woman.
Consider that Seneca may be trying to think through an important decision on her own for the first time. She could feel up to the challenge of what's--for her--a difficult choice. The two of swords hints that there's potential for debate or constructive conversation, but maybe that conversation is not between the two of you. It may simply be time for you to give her encouragement through empowering words or very basic complements -- pointing out how smart she is, or what a good friend she's been to her peers. But a light touch might be the best choice. Listen to what she says to you, but consider avoiding debates and arguments. She may be having a great debate with herself or others and may not have energy left for a dialogue with you.
Welcome in prosperity in both of your lives -- look for opportunities to appreciate or enjoy abundance. Instead of trying to help Seneca talk through problems or draw her out of an emotional challenge, suggest a day at the spa, where you both simply enjoy some relaxation. If you have the resources, a shopping trip before school starts could be fun and bonding.
As a whole, these cards reflect a healthy, loving bond between mother and daughter, one that has a lovely history to build upon.

Thank you and good luck!

Angie White


Thank you for letting me read for you on this very important matter. The first card I have drawn for you is the 6 of Cups which is a reminder to remember what this age was like for you. This should not only ease your mind but give you the opportunity to relate your past feelings and experiences to Seneca. This may encourage her to share some of what she is going through with you as some of her feelings may be completely new to her.

The next card pulled for you is the 2 of Swords. I think Seneca is feeling some confusion about all the new things happening to her body, thoughts and emotions. She is guarded because she hasn't worked it all out in her head yet. A temporary truce is needed to give her some time to cope with all that is coming at her.

Your final card is the 9 of Pentacles. This card suggests someone who loves the outdoors and nature & could suggest an outdoor activity for you and Seneca to share. This could be your key to connect with her. As an outcome, this card represents someone who is confident, disciplined and successful. Looks like Seneca is certainly on the right path!

Best wishes to you both,

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