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Sunday school? :)


To me, those cards may show being enlightened by some spiritual knowledges and having the financial opportunity to go in a retreat for example.


Children's sermon.... ;} or a special offering from your SS class... lol

Matt W

Well, as I understand the note, we are looking for a scenario that is not technically a crime but still an improper action. This is a mystery after all :) I can see this as spiritual leaders offering the promise of enlightenment or salvation in exchange for "donations" from their naive followers.

USGS Staff

No mention of "improper" action anywhere in my post. :oD It's a Tarot Mystery, simply because the cards illustrate a scenario or event...and YOU have to be the one that guesses it. *grin*

Matt W

True enough Janet that there is no mention of an "improper action". However, the phrase "not an actual crime" implies to me that the scenario could be percieved as a crime even though it is not. I guess we shall have to wait and see if I just jumped to conclusions! *grins back*

USGS Staff

Teeheehee! I have to be careful, lest I give it away. All shall become clear soon... ;o)

Lillie Ruby

I have no idea really. lol BUT it made me think of the recording in the Bible of the birth of Jesus


Something about a Father and a Son?

USGS Staff

So far, no one's got it...but a few have been close. :o) You can guess as many times as you want, but only one winning entry per person will be placed in the random drawing.

Dena Lackey

start school or begin education. first day of school


Working on a Sunday?


Starting a business using sunflower oil for treatment of male baldness! Just kidding!


@ Harper Mouahahahaha!!!!

USGS Staff

*Laughs* Good one, Harper! (By the way, all, don't forget--you can guess as many times as you want!)

Michelle Halpern

Starting the day with a prayer that you will find a new job.

Michelle Halpern

More wording to work on, Janet: "all the correct guesses" and anything else that indicates something similar. There are many possible interpretations for Tarot cards, and just because they're not what you had in mind doesn't mean we're wrong.

What's that thing they say about the student becoming the teacher? ;-)

USGS Staff

That is, those who correctly guess what I have in mind. ;o)


Back to school!

Deborah Outland

Playing a prank during the sermon on Sunday morning.

USGS Staff

Dena and Lynn, you are correct! The answer is "Back to School":

Sun - This card often shows children. Summer is the time when the days are longest and the sun is highest (and hottest!). Summer is when kids are on summer vacation from school.

Hierophant - Often associated with teaching and teachers.

Page of Coins - Pages are the youths of the Court Cards and this page is often associated with being a student.

Put them all together, and you get "Back to School"! :oD (While it's not an actual crime, many kids sorta think it is... LOL)

Dena and Lynn, I put your names in the drawing and--drum roll--Dena was selected as the winner! Dena, please email me at with your snail mail address and I'll forward it along to USGS headquarters who will send out your copy of Morgan's Tarot. Congratulations, Dena!

Thank you all for playing! Did you have fun?

-- Janet


I am new to your blog, happy to stumble here! After reading through the previous scenarios, I am happy to find that my "takings" were correct, as a fairly new student of the Tarot, it's reassuring, lol! However I wanted to say, that while I think of the Hierophant as representing the institution of education, and the page a student, I came up with Back to School, not because of the children in The Sun, but the fact that it is the dawning of something new, wonderful, creative, ect. Hence BACK to school, new year, ect....I'm sure my teens would HIGHLY disagree with that take, lol!!! Happy to join your crew!!!!

USGS Staff

Hi Liza!

So glad you stumbled upon the Fool Stop Tarot Blog! YAY!

Isn't it amazing at how our own intuitive insights often match others (including esoteric texts and "experts")? It's a testament to the Tarot's built-in Rosetta Stone of archetypes and universal symbols, I think.

Well done, you--and so glad you're here with us!

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