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Laurra Bowling

My current fave USGS deck is the Vanessa Tarot.... it is youthful and fun. It is a great deck to use to introduce a young woman to. It is not too overwhelming in a "Spiritual" way. The images make it easy to read and learn intuitively. I love the Sunday School Teacher representing the Hirophant.


My most favorite USGS deck is the Sun and Moon Tarot. It is gentle, sweet, and happy. The artistic style really speaks to me.


The Vanessa Tarot! My daughter has this and we both love the artistic style, it's quirky and fun : )

Vicki Young

My favorite USGS deck is my Morgans deck...thanks to you Janet. Everyone in my Tarot group loves it and its a great deck to pull a clarifying or bottom line card. Plus its groovy!


My favorite deck from USGS is the Fenestra deck. I have had it for years and get great readings from it.


I like you on face book.


I follewes Fool Stop on Networked blogs.

Idun Duva

Lover's Path! I have had some wonderfully meaningful and insightful readings with this deck. The artwork is gorgeous.

Kathleen O'Connell

I've looked through the Goddess deck and it's really beautiful!


What I really stuck with are the Mysthical Lenormand Deck and the Pamela Colman Smith Conmemorial Ed Deck.
But besides tarot decks, I really like the Celtic Ogham Cards and The Rune Vision Set...really beatiful oracles!

Thanks, blessed be

Tom Goad

My favorite decks:

Rider Waite
Radient Rider Waite
Crowly Thoth Premier Tarot Edition
Master Tarot
Halloween Tarot
and my first-ever tarot deck, presented to me at age 8 by my Grandmother, the Swiss 1JJ


my post on FB, as you can see...thanks


I had to go through your catalog and make a list of favorites.. Here we go!

Sacred Rose Tarot: My first serious deck. The bright colors and styling remind me of stained glass. There's a magic to this deck that is inescapable.

Dali Universal Tarot: I love Dali's work, and had to get this when I found out about it. It's quite different and makes for an interesting read.

Archeon Tarot: This is one of the few digital decks that will not look dated 10 years from now! Dark, exotic, and beautiful.

Paulina Tarot: I followed the artist's process online and eagerly awaited this deck for months. So delicate and enchanting - you can get lost in an image for hours looking at all of the intricate details. Can't wait for the artist's next deck!


Well, I bought the Q&E (Quick and Easy) Tarot for my teen daughter, thinking it would be no muss, no fuss in that she wouldn't absolutely need a book with it (think built in training wheels!), but I went through USGS decks to see what other USGS decks I might have AND Oh Em Gee, I nearly fell over! Guess what I found- The Whimsical Tarot by Mary Hanson-Roberts!!!! I have looked high and low for that deck for forever! (Well not really, it just seems like it!) and had no idea it was in print again!!! If anyone hasn't seen it, do take a peek, it's absolutely precious! I want to buy one for my youngest daughter as her first deck, and I think Mommy needs one, too. ;) I've also had my eye on the Vanessa deck, and in looking through the site, just found the Wizard game, which I think our family might love. And the herbal recognition cards call to me... and about 4 other decks, too! The Goddess deck looks gorgeous. So much tarotliciousness!

mary nale

Hi Janet,
I am still in love with the Deviant Moon.


My favourite is The Lover's Path deck, another one of Kris Waldherr's decks.

Deborah Outland

I love Morgan's Tarot! Also Finestra and Feng Shui... Yes, and Sun and Moon, too! Oh, did I mention the Paulina?

Maryann K Jordan

Wow that's a tuffy Pamela Colman Smith commemorative would rank high.Terrific value lots of goodies included.Also love the zany little Halloween deck and beautiful Mystical Lenormand.Often use the Spiral tarot.Uh oh can't forget Deviant Moon.

Kristin  Johannesd

I like Pamela Coleman Smith Tarot. They are easy and clear. Every
detail have á meaning. They are good in foretelling and medition.

PJ Pierson

My absolute new favorite USGS deck is The Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decort. Normally I am not one for the faceless figures, but the art on this deck just sings - faces aren't needed because everything else is right there in the stance of the figure and the imagery around them.

The deck is colorful, bright, and even the darker cards have a gentleness to them that makes the message easier to bear. I have been using this deck for all my personal readings, and also recently used it to read for some friends - who loved the cards as well.

I am normally drawn to USGS decks, anyway - they are different and powerful and unusual. As soon as a deck comes out from USGS, I find I normally want it - the Sun and Moon Tarot was one I had to have - and am so glad I got it. It is usually not far from my reach!

Michelle Erica  Green

I can't choose between the Halloween and Cosmic Tarot decks -- I love the whimsy of the first and the iconography of the second.


Well I couldn't get it down to just one. I've loved the Halloween tarot for a long time. It makes everyone smile when I use it. I especially love the bat hanging from the finger. But I've recently been using the Sun & Moon tarot which I absolutely love! The figures are cute - lanky and gentle with wonderful hair! The deck is colorful and sweet and makes you feel upbeat.


The Golden Tarot by Kat Black, of course. Luminous, numinous and magic. Gold-edged, with timeless images from the late Middle Ages and Early Renaissance, it's a treasure. As traditional as the TdM but with illustrated Minor Arcana akin to the RWS.

Jennifer Moscone

It's so hard to choose! I've been in love with the Deviant Moon since I first purchased it...but the Golden Tarot is so luscious! Can I call it a draw? :-) I often use the Deviant Moon for myself and the Golden Tarot when I read for others. I see something new every time I pull these lovelies out. Thanks for asking and giving us the opportunity to "thank" these decks in our own way!

Karen Borusiewicz

I bought the Sun and Moon tarot on a whim, knowing nothing about it and have found it to be a favorite deck. At first glance it looks more superficial and perhaps just a fun deck to use if reading for younger persons, but there is hidden substance in this deck!

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