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Account Deleted

I was wondering about the movie Yes Man and Jim Carrey's character. I think he does get into the Fool experience and learn that some jumps really hurt when we hit the ground.


what about the guy fromo Mad Magazine, for me that`s the one to think about when you just think in this card


SpongeBob Squarepants is 100% Fool! He's happy-go-lucky, open-hearted, innocent, gullible, and optimistic. He lives in a pineapple, which is not exactly grade-A housing material, but by some divine hand it stays intact, though it should by all means have bloated and disintegrated into tiny pieces after all these years. You could even figure that Gary, his snail, is analogous to the Fool's Dog - he seems to have his head screwed on better than SpongeBob does. While SpongeBob gets into trouble left and right, he never loses his optimism, and things turn out for his benefit in the end... He is definitely the embodiment of the Fool card.


I have to say, I rather associate teenagers with the Fool at times -- youthful arrogance combined with benign indifference -- what is more Foolish than the way a teenager can fall in love or make a life choice?


I suppose this old adage has been posted ad nauseum: "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread." Yet it seems that it's the Fool's fresh approach to life that keeps the rest of us thinking younger than the burden of our years. I've noticed that when I embrace Fool energy I ache less, pain less, and have a decidely noticeable spring in my step, a Joie de Vivre in my whole attitude towards life. Vive Le Mat, Le Excuse !!

Deborah Outland

What a wonderful thought puzzle! Thank you for posting it!

The movie Toys (starring Robin Williams) is a great example of The Fool. Robin Williams' character is certainly it's embodiment in the beginning of the movie, and his sister remains The Fool throughout the entire movie.


Marley the dog from Marley and Me feels like a good fit for the Fool.


Recently I've started to see the Fool as being like a toddler: interested in the world, unaware of society's taboos, moving forward full steam ahead trying to get where he wants to go.


I would think that Cameron from 'The Modern Family' would make a great fool (= He seems to be one of the most blithe characters on ABC.


I think Fry from Futurama really fits the fool. Maybe also Uncle Fester from The Addams Family! Haha :)

C.M Padget

I first character I thought of was Forrest Gump. Everyday things in life became an adventures for him.

USGS Staff

What great examples of the varied permutations of The Fool archetype, everyone! Please, keep those insights coming. :oD It would be wonderful if we could make each post and the comments a treasure trove of associations to help Tarot beginners. In fact, seasoned Tarot readers would even benefit from having their cache of assocations expanded.

Thank you, all, for your particpation! I'm about to announce the winner, so get ready...

Debbie Herbert

Lucille Ball, Foster Brooks, the baby bear in Berenstien Bears

USGS Staff

Lucy! Good one! LOL I'm going to add all your responses to the original post (with attributions, of course!) so we can build up a database of archetypes for each card. :oD

Prince Lenormand

I always thought of Susan, from Desperately Seeking Susan. The character will do whatever she feels like at the time and moves from place to place, regardless of how her actions involve others or her future. The point of the movie is that the main character seeks to be a free spirit like Susan, but none of the characters seem to be able to get a real hold of her.


Ah...the beloved, bungling, accident-prone, tampering, dimwitted, naive, man-boy GILLIGAN from "Gilligan's Island" or the weak-minded, eternally optimistic STAN LAUREL from the 20's(?) comedy team of Laurel and Hardy. Gosh, there are a lot of Fool archetypes!

USGS Staff

I'll add your contributions right now, Prince and Kris!

Kris, isn't that the truth? Feel free to post more as they come to you so we can have the most rockin' Tarot archetype database around. :o)


Syd Barrett personifies the Fool for me, following Dylan's Tambourine Man.

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