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Michelle Halpern

Hard work will be rewarded?


A promotion!

USGS Staff

Michelle, you are VERY close. Remember, though: it's a "thing".

No, not a promotion, Tracey! :o)

Deborah Outland

A pay increase (merit based) or bonus?

USGS Staff

Ohhh, so close! Here's a hint: it usually comes every week (or two).

Berthe van Soest

It cannot be salary, or is it? That is money, which is a 'thing'. Ah well, I give it a try.

Berthe van Soest

On second thoughts. It is a paycheck.


Every week or two would sound like a paycheck, however witht six of pents, meaning charity, ect, following hardwork in the eight, I would think of it as a grant or a scholarship! A stipend...

USGS Staff

Yes, Berthe! A paycheck! Well done.

Liza, Tarot can (and does) go beyond meanings that some say are "the" meaning for the card. The 6 of Pentacles suggests dispensing money and, while this image does seem to show charity, I was focusing on the man giving out coins. :o)

Thanks for playing, everyone! Be on the lookout for a new Tarot Mystery coming soon. :oD

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