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I dream of Jeannie?

C.M Padget

When You Wish Upon a Star?


When You Wish Upon a Star
Wishing on a Star by Beyonce Knowles?

Account Deleted

Genie in the botle, by Cristina Aguilera.

Karen Borusiewicz

Gotta be Aguilara's Genie in a Bottle. She is just a little bit deviant like the deck. Wonder if she ever crossed Patrick's mind while designing the cards, lol!


My immediate guess was "When You Wish Upon a Star (Your Dreams Come True)".


Cast Your Fate To The Wind

Deborah Outland

I also vote for "When You Wish Upon a Star"!

MaryannK Jordan

The 1940 theme from Disney's Pinocchio " When you wish upon a star" or how bout that sixties hit by British gal Dusty Springfield" Wishin' and Hopin'.


When You Wish Upon a Star (Makes No Difference Who Are)!


When You Wish Upon a Star, right?


When you wish upoj a star, makes no difference who you are.....a Disney Theme classic!!!


Starry, Starry Night

USGS Staff

Thanks for playing, everyone! I'm about to announce the winner in a separate post. :o)

The song was, indeed, When You Wish Upon a Star from the classic Disney movie Pinocchio.

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