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My favorite for this time of year is the Halloween Tarot. I've found it to not intimidate sitters as other decks can. It's fun and lively with just the right amount of spooky. This will be my first year without it as I lent my copy to a friend and never got it back. I'm planning on using the Deviant Moon as a stand in this year but I do think it might be a tad dark for my sitters. There is no substitute for the Halloween Tarot. I wish they'd make a similar tarot for Christmas!

Ann Westland

I'm trying to figure out a way of making out that the"Gummy Bear Tarot" is the most frightening deck of all - but it's just so darn adorable that I can't. So I'll have to go with the terribly cute Halloween Tarot. It's very readable, and it's great for giving readings to people who otherwise wouldn't be comfortable with tarot. I agree with Sinduction that a Christmas tarot would be awesome.

Deborah Meyer

My favorite deck for Halloween is The Halloween Deck. I don't care for anything "cutesy" and though extremely fun and possibly even "bright" The Halloween Tarot is just right. :) Even if I'm not doing a reading, I could look at these cards for hours on end. It is, indeed, that time of year when The Halloween Deck shines.

Courtney Stuteville

I am new to tarot, so I do not have a Halloween deck or fantastic stories to share...but just wait. My favorite deck so far is the Deviant Moon because of the beautiful imagery I can't stop looking at. It seems like the perfect halloween-type deck. Halloween is my favorite holiday/time of year. My husband and I got married on Halloween a few years ago to make the day just that much more special. I would love to acquire all of the Halloween decks eventually to use at parties and with friends.

Dee Ravenztarot

I use the dragon deck and Crows Magick............I love these i have several copies........

The spookiest reading was all swords...

Shelly pirkle

Deviant moon

Lavender Libra

If I wanted to be "creeped out", the Deviant Moon leaves me with that bit of giggling unease, as you mock superstitions, but still walk a bit faster as you pass that ancient graveyard....
Of the decks that I HAVE, Crow's Magick is the most suitable--it is a recent acquisition, so don't know how it speaks to me yet.
But I think I would LOVE the Halloween Tarot...because, it is the classic Halloween fun feel and festive colors that I grew up with.

Berthe van Soest

The deck I like to read with in October is the Halloween Tarot by Karin Lee and Kipling West. I love the friendly images.


I'd pick the Art Nouveau Tarot and keep an eye out for the thrillingly spooky Death card!

C.M Padget

How can you even ask---the Halloween Tarot is the ONLY deck to use on Halloween! (As I wrote before, I am a big fan of the "cutesy" decks.)


I love the Halloween deck---this is a special time of year for the deck, but I like it so much that I use it all year! It's easy to read, and fun to use!


Tarot of Witches and Halloween.


I'd never really thought about a particular deck for a particular season; I'm too busy still trying to learn tarot to think that far ahead, I guess. But I love the images I've seen on blogs using the Halloween Tarot!

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