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Joseph Molina

I am grateful for the simple things. A roof over my head, clothing on my back, food in the pantry. I have my health, spirit and he opportunity to do what I love, read and share Tarot. Everyday, I celebrate life, by thanking the powers that be for the shinning light in Astrology and Tarot for illuminating my path.

'The day begins by thy grace, 0 Queen and Mother of both gods and men, and I am both strengthened and comforted by my knowledge of thee. Thy sacred law of life is the guiding star of my existence. Make holy, sanctified, and thrice blessed all which I do, think, and attempt during this coming day. Blessed be, 0 Supreme Goddess, in all thy many names and manifold attributes!' -Sybil Leek (something else I have to be grateful for:-))

Joseph Molina the R.P.

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