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Lynn Merritt

First of all, I would like to give you a BIG Thank you for recognizing the small, independent store. With that TY, goes a big hug too!

As the owner of two full scale New Age stores for the past 20 years, Mystical Horizons and facebook link:!/pages/Mystical-Horizons/191949556942 we do specialize in meeting the customer's need for New Age and Tarot supplies. Unlike the Big Box stores, my business partner & I go to Tradeshows, discuss the newest items with our distributors and read Speciality reatailing magazines that cater to the New Age business. By doing so, we keep up with the newest products for our loyal customers. We also have a warmth about serving our customers because we understand what people are looking for, live the New Age lifestyle, and we really develop friendship relationships with our customer base. Do you really feel that kind of love at Walmart? LOL

At Mystical Horizons, not only do we sell books and Tarot decks, we offer psychic tarot readings in person and by phone, classes, major Author events, Concerts with New Age Artists and spiritual journeys to Sedona, AZ and Psychic Cruises to Bermuda and 4 Psychic Fairs a year!

Thank you for shopping at your local New Age store, the stores are there to serve you and your money stays in the community!

Mystical Horizons
46 Main St
Old Mystic, CT 06372
860 572-9191

With much gratitude,
Lynn Merritt,
Mystical Horizons


Here in Austin, TX, I love going to a local store called "Whole Life Books". It's on S. Lamar and has great energy. Tons of books on all sorts of metaphysical stuff as well as a fairly decent selection of Tarot decks.

Address is:
Whole Life Books
1006 South Lamar Boulevard
Austin, TX 78704-2365
(512) 443-6794

Cheri Gaudet

Yes, buy local! My local metaphysical supply shop is Dragon Star Creations in Sanford, Maine on Rte 109. Such friendly people.

Stuart Kaplan

Thanks to the loyalty of so many independent retail stores,like Mystical Horizons here in CT, U.S. Games Systems has been successful for over 42 years. It's nice to hear from stores and customers who enjoy tarot as much as I do.


Miracles of Joy, in Lewisville,TX is a nice little store, full of food for the soul. They have a very diverse selection of Tarot.

The Magick Cauldron in Houston, Tx is also a fantastic place to meet and greet people of like minds. The Tarot selection here is great.

In Galveston, Tx there is the Witchery. I am still trying to make my way here. I have good friends that do readings here and others that have stumbled into the quaint little store.

Oh, and WOW!! Stuart Kaplan!!:-)


Whenever I visit my sister down in Durham, NC I always visit Morgan's Imports in BrightLeaf Square. I was drawn in because they have cool kitchen gadgets, decorating and gift items etc. But I got really excited when I saw a lot of games and tarot decks from U.S. Games there.
If you're ever down there check it out.

Courtney Weber

I encourage people in the NE to be sure to visit Brid's Closet in Cornwall, NY; Whimsies Incognito in Tarrytown, NY; and Imagicka in Binghampton; and Envision Crystal in Port Jefferson. If you're in California, be sure to swing by Sacred Mists in Napa! They are owned by kind, delightful and helpful individuals. They are also supporters and carriers of "Tarot of the Boroughs." For that, I am eternally thankful!

Courtney Weber
Producer and Designer of "Tarot of the Boroughs"

Courtney Weber

Oh!!!! I apologize!!! I should have mentioned Bell, Book and Candle in Dover, DE!!!! Also a fantastic resource for books, oils, herbs, stones, Tarot...everything! Wonderful line-up of teachers, as well!

Corrine Kenner

The Eye of Horus in Minneapolis, Minnesota, sells a full line of metaphysical merchandise, including tarot decks and books. The store also hosts tarot classes and workshops and features several on-site tarot readers. The store's website is

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