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Account Deleted

Every year I check, through my birth date. And see what card is to influence me during the year.
Another thing I do twice a year is draw a major arcana for the semester. It works as a guide for the following months.


Donna Wiberg here, Director of Key Accounts for US Games and my birthday falls on December 23rd. Unfortunately, I don't have time to check out anything on that day, tarot or horoscopes, other than groceries at the supermarket to get ready to feed the masses for Christmas Eve and Christmas - which BTW, I love. I hope I get something nice from US Games!!!

Dena L here. My bday is December 21- won't say what year ( was just at the tail end of the baby boomer years). enjoy the blog very much and keep up with the great posts.

Bonnie Cehovet

Hoping that Mr. Kaplan also sends birthday cards to Cappies in the second decant! My birthday is 12/29. ;-)

I do a Tarot spread each year on my birthday, using the astrology template. I also do companion spreads for specific issues/areas.


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