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Worth mentioning there will be a Tarot Conference in Brazil in 2011... It will be Confraria Brasileira de Tarot, which will take place on July 9th and 10th... we are still working on the website, but we already have a Twitter @confrariatarot and there is me as contact

=) Really excited about that!!


That's great to know. Thank you so much. Please let us know the website when you have it ready. And good luck! Do you have a Brasilian Tarot group? Please add yourself in the comments to the post about Tarot groups and organizations.


Great post Sherri. As long as I have livestock getting away is a dream, but someday I'll even get to the Seattle meetups :)

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Sure... thanks for the support.
I have made a comment on the posting about groups in Brazil... I am trying to make a study group to work... let's see how that goes.


We are delighted to support your efforts! Good luck.

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