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Lynn Merritt

Ok I'll take a wild guess here.... Slumdog Millionare...

Account Deleted

Slumdog Millionare is a great guess.
I could only think of Great Expectations but thats a dickens's book, and it was shot in 1998 so I supposed does not count.


My guess was also Great Expectations or Oliver. (somethign by dickens) but not sure that works.


I immediately thought about Jamal and Slumdog Millionaire as well, but it could be something else - I'm not really familiar with all the latest movies :)


I still have to see Slumdog Millionaire...How about StarWars???


Boondock Saints maybe?


Some great guesses. I'll post the answer tomorrow here in the comments. :)

Lynn Merritt

Ok... newer movie, Michael Oher... The Blind Side kind of works too!!!


It was Slumdog Millionaire! Great guessing, everyone!

So if you have an idea or a thought for a Tarot Mystery, message me on Facebook (Stella T'arot). If you aren't on Facebook, you can email me at stella AT usgamesinc DOT com.


haven't seen Slumdog, my mind went to the Harry Potter series.


I think maybe there's a tale here in the fact that the story is the same--it's the way it's told that makes it different.


Slumdog is very much like a Dickens tale similiar of a poor orphan making his own way in the world, trying ot find a home and love. A universal journey.


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