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USGS Staff

Please share your own meetups/salons/study groups here in the comments.


Austin Tarot Talkers is a monthly Tarot meetup in Austin, TX. All are welcome. We just had our December one and Jan 9 is our next meetup.

Corrine Kenner

The Twin Cities Tarot Meetup Group meets at the Eye of Horus bookstore in Minneapolis, usually on the fourth Tuesday of every month.

We also take part in special events, like the Minnesota Area Tarot Symposium this January.


Great to hear about the Meetups happening. Looking forward to hearing from more organizers and attendees.

Kim M

I've been attending the Seattle Tarot Meetup for a few years now, and it's fantastic! We haven't run out of topics to discuss yet. It used to be called the Treasure Tarot Meetup, and we meet once or twice a month on Saturdays just north of downtown. This group has taken me from hesitant, always-checking-the-book reading to confident, intuitive reading. Highly recommended!


I am open and willing to teach Tarot, in my house, in Irving, Texas. I teach Tarot basics, intermediate and advanced, which of course includes Astrology, Numerology, Hebrew and the Tree of Life, as it relates to Tarot. I have debated on starting a Meet up group here, for the reader as opposed to just Tarot.

In Houston Texas this is the best meet up group...they are all true to the path..

Paul Nagy

A Way to Tarot Wisdom: Free weekly phone teleconference discussing Jodorowsky’s Way of Tarot and Rachel Pollack's Tarot Wisdom.

When 7-9 PM Eastern, Tuesdays. (-5 GMT, 12-2 AM) The course is designed for drop-ins. International can use Skype to contact number. Full info posted at .

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