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Lynn Merritt

On New Year's Day I always do an astrological spread (representing the 12 houses of the Western wheel) with the intention of "seeing" what my trends for the year may be!

12 cards are placed in a circle. If looking at a clock, at 8pm is card 1 This is all about self

Card 2 is all about personal finances

Card 3 communications, short term travel, neibors, siblings

Card 4 home & hearth, home of origin, mother

Card 5 romance, fun, children

Card 6 work and service to others

Card 7 marriage, partnerships, biz and personal, legal things

Card 8 joint finances, taxes, life after death, reincarnation,

Card 9 higher education, foreign travel, philosophy

Card 10 standing in the community, occupation, father

Card 11 friendships and group associations

Card 12 karma, spiritual growth, finding purpose

You may also used this 12 card spread to take a look at how each month of the year will be going for you as in 1-12 Jan to Dec.

Have fun and Happy New Year to all my tarot friends here!!!


I just did a spread from the Gaian Tarot and posted it on my blog. I like Lynn's spread too.

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