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Áine Foley

Irish culture has NOTHING to do with wearing shamrock, drinking green beer and eating corned beef and cabbage. St Patrick's Day is for tourists, not the Irish - and most of the traditions linked with St Patrick's day originated in New York, not Ireland. I live in Dublin city centre and I hate that people outside Ireland think that this is in any way typical of my country. Do you also think we still live in mud cabins and exist on a diet of potatoes? It's such a cliché ridden idea of Ireland.

I don't see the joy and merriment of drunk tourists wearing stupid green hats falling out of pubs around Dublin city tonight.


Aine, I hear you. I think that here in America we have trivialized the day into something we do for fun. I'm so sorry you were offended by this post though. I hope that the rest of it--the spread and the discussion of the pages--were more to your taste.

I'd love to chat with you about a post from you about Ireland and Tarot there.

And, smile, I know I don't think of all of Ireland as shamrock-wearing, green-beer-drinking, corned-beef-and-cabbage-eating drunks. What is a traditional thing you do there in Ireland on St. Patrick's day?

Bonnie Cehovet

Aine -

What I have described here is my personal experience of St. Patrick's Day, how it is celebrated around me. And no, I do not drink beer, green or otherwise, nor do I think that over-indulging in alcohol is a great thing to do. The shamrock, the wearing of green ... all of the things that I spoke of are what we see here in the U.S. - this is not meant to disrespect Ireland in any way.



So many holidays have veered from their true meanings because of Hallmark and pop culture.
I like that this tarot readings guides us to stop and reflect.
Aine- I appreciate what you have shared with us (here and on FB) about Irish culture! Very interesting. I would love to hear more!

Áine Foley

My initial comment was probably stronger than I meant it to be - I understand that the perception that people have of Ireland is completely different for those not living here...they have a kind of romantic idea of it. It is a Catholic feast-day - the parade and the drinking of green beer (?) began in the US, and for some reason was adopted in Ireland - mostly to drag in tourism I would imagine, I think there is something very cynical about it. I just hate the general commercialism seeping into Irish culture, especially the way traditional music is being degenerated by pop and rock bands.

And most Irish people avoid wearing green, it's considered and unlucky colour, back when people were more superstitious they were afraid that the fairies would take them away if they saw them in green, well that's what my granny told me anyway. Most people you see in green on St Patrick's day are tourists.

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