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Hi, I have a question for you. Do you only have the Blue Owl Lenormand deck with verses as in the pictures above or do you also have one with the playing card insets?


I know what you are referring to Helen. But we don't have those right now.
We have these Blue Owl ones with the verses. We also have the Mystical Lenormand deck by Urban Trosch.
The artwork is interesting and there is no text on those.

Rae della Luna

I own the Mystical (very nice egg tempura artwork) and the Pixie as I'm fond of this rendition with Pamela Colman Smith's artwork. Sometimes we need to drop the tarot and its spreads for a few in order to free up the psyche a bit, and the Lenormand can help!


Rae, I so agree! I keep the Mystical in my purse. It's such a nice small deck and I can break out of the Tarot doldrums. I also like to pull a card just to see every now and again. I'm not one to do full spreads though. May have to try that!

Rae della Luna

I strongly recommend the casting of all cards to let them play with (and against, lol) each other. You can gauge timelines, the direction things are going, and where challenges may lie for the querent. And frankly, it makes a pretty sweet tapestry to share over!

tarot reading

I like the blue owl. Stunning. Think to have one.

Lenormand Learner

My mother used to buy the Blue Owl deck from you back in the 1980s. It's good to know that you're starting to carry them again. Too bad you don't stock the version with the playing card insets instead of the poems. The version with the playing card insets is more popular with professional readers.


Thank you for your input. We will let the front office know.

By the way, the poems on these are by none other than Stuart Kaplan himself.

Joey Gables

Any word if you are going to bring over some of the other decks? The Bartachi, The Melissa and the Pixie Lenormand are some of my favorite ones. I love Lenormand and would love to be able to get decks for friends easier here state side. Please try and get the Blue Owl with the cards and no verses mine needs to be replaced

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