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Excellent post, Bonnie. I always get so much from reading your entries. I liked how you took the same three cards and ran us through them in different combinations. I learned from you today. I'm grateful for that.

Kayla Garnet Rose

This interesting to me, because sometimes I have the seeker flip the cards face up one by one, sometimes all at once. In the first case it never seems clear until the third is revealed. Thanks for a great post.

angel reading

"The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts"
I like it! Extremely meaningful. I've learned on it. Great post.

ReapWhatSow Blog

It is amazing how you have managed to completely open up the subject that you have chosen for this exact entry of yours. By the way did you use any similar blog posts as a source of knowledge to be able to complete the entire picture that you published in your post?

A Facebook User

Thank you to all who have commented. It does indeed open up a whole new world when you take the same three cards, and read them in different orders. Whole new stories emerge!

There may well be other blog posts that touch on this subject. It would be interesting to see how they differ from my approach to this subject.


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