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I like to create my own spreads. I use focused questions but open-ended. I don't like Yes/No questions because I don't think they give enough information.


I think drawing and then asking a question is an excellent idea for those who are stuck.

Typically, I form a question and then look at how it might be misleading and try to close up all the open ends that can lead a reading astray.

The Fortune Teller

The power of focus has to be aimed somewhere! Sometimes I find that just the intention to find a solution or answer is enough, because the subconscious 'anntenna's' of both reader and seeker are already focused on revealing the answer.


Arwen, thank you for that input about Yes/No questions.
Lillie, that is very interesting about how you examine the question for loop holes.
FortuneTeller, I like the idea of the antenna. Intriguing.

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