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I just did the spread, and I got the Page of Swords for my community role (top card on the deck); With 5 cups on the left (bring into community) and the Ace of Swords for what I take away. The thing is, I amn't quite settled here, or content, but I find it hard to move, or even make plans to move, because this house is quite secure in terms of leases etc; but I don't blend with my neighbours at all, nor do I really want to. I dream of living in the countryside, but I do intend to move house soon...This area is a bit rough, and isn't good for my children, they get called names a lot by rougher kids, and called 'hippy' etc.
So I see this reading as advice to be circumspect, wary on guard, but also to be aware of waving my sword into a wind...perhaps someone is spying on me? There is a suspicious atmosphere in the area, and a bad family at the bottom of the road who may have burnt my car out in my driveway ( this experience actually wiped out my fear of these petty gangsters).
The five of cups I can see as leaving things behind, as 'no use crying over spilt milk' - that this attitude is what I teach them - I'm more laid back about stuff, I don't get so wound up and take umbridge at every comment etc, But it really is about making the most of what you have, of what remains, and being resourceful; it could also mean not drawing from an empty well, but waiting for it to refill.
The Ace of swords I see as focus, that I learn to focus during my time living here (which seems paradoxical because I have been 'unfocused' during my time here, often very unfocused!); but the AS could also mean a new way of thinking,/ new attitude being forged, perhps stronger, more steely?
Anyone else have any thoughts on this?


On Arwen's spread, I actually think the QofP is there to tell her to be more unyielding in particular areas, or with certain people - looking at the three cards as a whole, I see a situation where there is a need to withdraw emotionally from a situation/person (or group of people). The intuition is there; look to areas where your 'heart is no longer in it' or you feel emotionally drained. The overall advice is to make a clean cut or break, to cut it out of your life completely, take yourself out of the backstabbing loop. You are well respected in your community, seen as a rock of sound practical advice and help to many people, so cutting out the negative people won't affect your standing in the group as a whole, but continuing to entertain these people will affect you deeply. It must be remembered that Earth is passive, anything can grow in it - QofP is the cultivator of her garden, and weeder!
Looking at the pictures on the cards, I see a situation, possibly involving money or material resources that you need to walk away from - this is a good example for others in the community, who will follow - it's a bad deal that will cause a storm, and create a lot of bad feeling.
The crops are watered enough, it's time for a spot of pruning!


Great Idea!
I've got the Page of Swords for my court card. The page of Swords fits nicely since I am a new member of this Tarot community. I am still thinking, reading, communicating... I am cuting through my perceptions of what tarot is, and what this community represents.

For the role that I must take in the community, I got The Fool! So bring my sense of joy, discovery, adventure, my will to take risks, even if I make a fool out of myself... ;)

For what I can take away from the community, I got The Sun! Even though I am not naïve enough to think that this community is all positive and all supportive, all the time, I will continue to bask in the warming glow of friendships made. I am optimistic for the future, that's what I'm taking from this whole tarot experience...


Good morning, y'all! Just checking in before I'm off for my day. I can't wait to see what others get.

Cher Green

Interesting spread. I'll have to try it out later today.

Happy World Tarot Day!

Semei Kawaii

Queen of Pentacles/Judgment/Three of Cups - Golden Dawn Tarot

To me it was about sharing the beauty of Spring--even if it was a bit gloomy today for some.

I had brought in cookies to work baked by my husband, and also extra cough drops for those afflicted...we had a book exchange at lunch and it seems we all came away with titles, ideas and good reading!

So for me it was both being mindful of what needed to be done...with trying to be caring for fellow co-workers.


Hello! I do apologize for not doing the readings last night. I'll do them today hopefully.

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