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Wow. How fun to have these new ways. The numerology one intrigues me because I've long been fascinated by that system. I'll have to give this a whirl.

Stacy LaRosa

I like the numerology method, too! I always do a sum at the end of each reading...sometimes birthdays & sometimes the cards themselves. This looks so interesting. The deck is very pretty.I want to win!!

Maria D.

This is really fascinating! Looks like a really simple method to use and one the even I can do. The cards are lovely! Thanks for the contest!

Michelle M.

What a pretty deck, and cool method! I'd love to see it in person and play around, wink wink. :-) Thanks for the contest!

Roni Lynne

I enjoy working with numerology, so that aspect interest me. The cards' rich symbolism is also fascinating. I always enjoy checking out new decks. Thanks for the contest!

~Roni Lynne

April Kihlstrom

Very interesting. Looks like a wonderful deck.

Maeve Greyson

Taro cards have always intrigued me. This method sounds fascinating.


It's so fun to use dice and numbers:)


Really interesting techniques! I may try them out with tarot cards too.


Using these to learn the lesson of the day or issue you're concerned about would be great!


Beautiful cards and interesting technique. Thanks for sharing.


The cards are gorgeous, and I love the idea of using numerology for new interpretations. Thanks for sharing that! :)

Graham Dixon

I have not used any method like this so far, but you can be sure I will add this into my readings in future. I particularly like the Birthdate, todays date and time method, it feels right for me already. Thanks for the insight.

This card set looks great. I have always been interested in numerology. Thanks for sharing.

Francine Infortunio

What an intriguing set and a unique way of doing a reading. I can't wait to see the rest of the deck!


I think Tarot is going to get as complicated as astrology! The deeper we all dig, the more it will reveal.

Karen Borusiewicz

wOW! I had not seen this deck before and love the imagery as well as the numerological tie. Thanks for bringing it to our attention in such a great way. Today is 6/24/2011 reducing to 7 - spirutual and of course lucky number 7! Hoping to win :-)


The artwork is gorgeous. I have a few Tarot decks but no Oracle ones. The description of how to use the decks is intriguing. I found myself adding up the numbers and then realized I had no way to check the answer!


Wow this is a beautiful deck! Thanks for sharing it with us!


i love the imagery of her deck. it's really very gorgeous.


Wow, this is gorgeous! It completely drew me in. Thanks for sharing it!

Arab'n Tiger

Most said I don't have it >>> I had it as "pre-order" and got it as soon as it was released; If i won it will give it to someone in my mind who want it and could not afford it! :) I think mixing numerology with divination cards can be a fun way to expand and add more insight using both the meaning of the card and thinking "why number 2" does it reflect union? does it reflect harmony; well done! :)


We have randomly drawn a winner and it is SOPHIE who posted a comment on 6/23 at 2:40 PM
Please email with your mailing address. Congrats! and a sincere thank you to EVERYONE who participated.

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