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Eoin Keith Boyle

There are a number of different tarot games, from many different regions of Europe. The most comprehensive reference is Dummett & McLeod's "A History of Games Played with the Tarot Pack," while a good (and free) beginner's overview is at

There are newer games using tarot decks being developed as well. Many use role-playing as a basis, but there are also board games that use tarot as a resolution system.


Eioin, thank you! This is great information to have.

Douglass A. White

Yes, Tarot originated as a game and gradually evolved into an oracle. Even as an oracle it has so many ways to play with it that it is still a game -- but one that can take you deep into the hidden secrets of your life. (edited to remove commercial link) You will learn about ancient games from Ancient Egypt down to Roman times and how they evolved into card games and became the Tarot and Tarock that we know today.

Jim Wickson

I'm one of the few American Tarot players. French Tarot I discovered about 10 years ago and I usually play online. There are probably more software for the French Tarot game than any other game of its type. I've known about Italian Tarocchi or Scarto since I was a teen from reading about it in a book in a public library and wanted to know more about Tarot games since then as it seemed pretty well designed.

Yes No Tarot

Wow, I didn't know that french tarot can be played till now. Thank you for pointing it to me. I really love tarot cards but only for divination and now that I know about french tarot I will want to learn more about it.

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