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Thank you for sharing this documentary. What would I do if I would create my own deck? I think I would make my own imagery and paint after meditation. During meditation beautiful images come to me. If only I was halve a painter like Haindle ;-) Please find herewith the translation of part 3 of the video sequence. Enjoy!

[the last bit of video 2 is repeated at the beginning of this part] He guards the entrance to the uterus of mother earth. The big hole. The snake, ancient symbol for the feminine power is helping him. Pan is really strong. For many he is too strong. One must be very careful.

The Wheel of Fortune. Of all the cards I painted, this was the very first one. A hand that grabs our destiny that is written in our own hand. One must grab and accept it. The hubs of the wheel symbolize the psychological and emotional middle of our lives. When you do not act from within this centre, you will be dragged with the movement of the outer side of the wheel. Without centre and without stops.

The card of Death. Death is the card of transformation. It means the end and a new beginning. The real and the unreal. It moves the core and the soul.

The card of The Sun. This is a manly card. [then there is a glitch in the video and the sentence is never finished].
The main part of my work is not just the painting, but the intensive watching.

I am arranging all the cards, here as photos, to get a total overview of the images. Now this was done, all that was missing was a good author. Then Rachel Pollack came and completed matters. Rachel Pollack was really impressed and touched and agreed that she would write a book about it. For me that was really a lucky moment. Here you can see Rachel Pollack on the right, myself and Erika [his wife]. The cards as well as the book were a big success from the start. In short time my tarot cards and the books were published in different languages.

My first initial intention was to paint the cards only for my own personal purposes. It turned out differently, but that is a longer story. In these tarot cards all my thoughts and feelings are represented and they have connected me even stronger with the earth. Also thanks to worldly vision of the Northern Americans. Here, white buffalo woman, as the daughter of stone and the princess of discs. I have painted the 78 degrees of wisdom of the tarot cards. The starting point was to restore balance between the fire man and the rain. Mistreating nature by patriarchal wars, exploited and suppressed destroy us all and disrupt our home, the only earth we have. Therefore I have tried, also with my other paintings, to give alternatives for the patriarchal and to bring back the balance. As an example I show you at the end of this video images of a ritual. A group of musicians has given a concert in the woods, just for the trees. Besides us, the trees were the only listeners.

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