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The artwork on the Haindl Tarot is excellent. I love how it looks ethereal, aged and kinda creepy. Looks like something encountered in a restless dream.

Account Deleted

I love this decks which are a bit older... they carry a mystique to them...


Oooh, I've been wanting a Haindl deck!

Emanuel J Santos

I want to live with this deck... Just livin' a deck we can understand part of your mistery.


I would LOVE to win a Haindl deck! It has some of the most beautiful artwork I've seen on tarot cards. <3


I absolutely adore my Haindl deck, it goes everywhere with me and I use it only for all my readings! The person that wins this deck is in for an wonderful treat!


This deck is great, I would love to win the Haindl deck! I personally like the story and explanation of the Star. I have tried (as a Dutch woman with basic knowledge of German) to translate the video into English so you can all understand what he is talking about.

The world is out of balance. Techniques rule the world and force back the world of feelings. When will the elements come into balance?

In Germany there is a fairytale by Theodor Storm, that is still up to date. This fairytale is about two opposing elements. About fire and water. The fire man rules the earth. Everything dries up and burns. The rain is sleeping because people do not care anymore. And think they forgot about it. Therefore it is not raining anymore on earth. Water, the element of feelings. Two kids find the two sleeping and wake them up. It begins to rain again and the earth turns green. And everything starts to blossom again. The land comes into balance once more.

This story has been translated into an opera by the composer Hans Werner Henze. And performed on stage. Here you can see him talking to Hans Werner Henze, the director and the conductor

This story is about the Tarot because it shows that only when there is balance in the forces and in the elements, life can flourish and that we, humans have a great responsibility. As ground base, we must first be in balance ourselves. Everything has led me to draw my tarot in the year 1986. At this time I came into contact with the traditional North-American Indians. Suddenly I understood how spiritual the Indians live in this world and therefore I realized consciously the love for Mother Earth

[music intermezzo drums]

And so I integrated my mystical experience with my tarot cards

[music intermezzo drums]

Here I show how I work when painting, Also here I start with the four elements. The linen as material, the water with the colours, the air and the heat for drying. The linen is stretched, based with white, sprinkled with water and with aquarelle colours painted. In the drying process stains and structures arise and which I do not have an influence on myself. After drying I search for certain patterns to get inspiration from. Then I emphasized the patterns and amazing images appear. The court cards however are precisely composed and established.

For the 22 major arcana cards I never had a precise image in my head before I started. I’ve always been guided and seduced by the randomly appearing images. I knew when the image was ready when the total image appeared. The images of the major arcana cared appeared to me, not from my rational thoughts, and were never deliberate. They were given to me as a present. This kind of painting is also known as automatic painting. Hieronimus Bosch, Max Ernst and many others also painted in this manner. But I believe there is something else. Not everything can be explained in words. It is an exchange that is created from the combination of the own self and the universe.

The Star, it was a very exciting process because at this time my creations and the guidance by my wife Erika were involved. Because she, as a cultural anthropologist, looks at things in another manner. As an example I hereby show you the image of The Star. When the image was ready, I was totally unaware what this image has to do with The Star. This card, The Star, number 17, shows the beginning of a journey that follows after the Tower, card number 16 collapses and with the inauguration of the universe shows the change that is experienced. My wife reminded me of the rituals of the Northern American Indians, where we were fortunately have been part of for many years. The first step in a ritual was always the physical and the psychological purification. This step was performed in all modesty and prayer and accompanied by mother earth and in the proximity of water. In the Indian culture it is executed in the sweat lodge. The image of the hidden figure that is praying and the way it is painted in earth colours are integrated and become one with the earth itself. For me personally it is an archaic image of a purification. The Moon and The Sun follow this card and represent the female and male energy. The balance of the other reality and the universe cannot be accomplished without the equality between male and female.

Hope you find my translation useful.

Warm regards from The Netherlands, Linda


Love this deck

Thank you so much Linda for your thoughtful translation, Linda. That was extremely kind of you to do that for all of us!


You're welcome. It was fun. A lot of work (viewing a sentence, pausing, translating from one foreign language into another foreign language, going through the video sentence by sentence), but fun ;-) I just hope that you can decipher my jibberish.


I'd love to win this deck. Tweeting the info, too. :-)


Beautiful deck - the colors are dreamy!

Donna Pellegrini

I saw your post on facebook...about contests to win decks... u asked if we would like it and to leave the answer here.. I say sure... sounds like fun and a nice idea...

Carolyn Cushing

Wow, thank you so much, Linda, for the translation. The Haindl is one of my favorite decks and one of the very first that I worked with. The video and the translation are such a gift! Thanks to all you have brought them to us.

Cindy Lyons

Would love this beautiful deck! Thanks Linda, for the translation.


I was just reading about this deck in Rachel Pollack's Tarot Wisdom, so seeing this video was fascinating. (Thanks to Linda for the translation!)


Hi all, you're welcome. I am glad you appreciate it. I just finished and posted the translation for parts 2 and 3. Hope you will enjoy them as well.


Thank you for your time and efforts, Linda!

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