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What an amazing artist and deck! Hope someone translates soon....


Hi Cindy, hope to find the time real soon. I did the first part of this video and will try to do the same for parts 2 and 3.


What an amazing artist! I really love his dragon. It looks like it could really jump out of the surface of the card! Please find herewith the translation for part 2:

The card of The Magician. This card is related to the archaic shaman. He who from the beginning of times was a guide of human culture. All four elements are at his disposal. He connects matter with non matter. When he uses his powers he is always showing both his light and shadow part of his existence.

Here you can see the beginning of another card, The Universe. It already shows the image of a dragons head. The card of The Universe shows the world we cannot get a grip on the inexplicable. It is the purpose; we all are searching for, unity. The green dragon of The Universe rules our earthly planet.

For me, after twenty years of work, it is still a big mystery how something amazing like these images was created out of circumstance/random imagery.

The card of The Moon. The moon rules the night and brings movement to all water and emotions. The moon stands for the feminine and opens the door to our subconscious mind. Also to all live giving, scales (like fungus). Dreams and stories belong to the moon. And now I turn to the court cards. In my tarot deck I make a clear separation between the elements in four different cultures. The old Northern European as water, India as fire, ancient Egypt as air and the Northern American Indian culture as earth. I came into contact with all these cultures and especially with the Northern American and Indian music. From a North American drum and an Indian female singer with her musical instrument, zither.

The card of The Devil. You can clearly distinguish a goats head. I did not want to focus on the original meaning of this card. It is a very powerful card. Pan is the guardian of the earth. He guards the entrance to the uterus of mother earth. The big hole, hell. The snake, ancient symbol for the feminine power is helping him. Pan is really strong. For many he is too strong. One must be very careful.

The Wheel of Fortune. Of all the cards I painted, this was the very first one. A hand that grabs… (end of part 2)

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