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Already have the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards Oracle and Crystal Visions Tarot. The Tea Leaf Fortune cards look nice and are round which is goodly unusual, but from it's book, it sounds like a big complicated process using them. I could get the hang of it, I guess.

The Crystal Vision Tarot is great. The cards look even better then the scans of them and especially when they're all together! Quite something! I love their colorful backgrounds as well as their foregrounds. Makes me want to buy that Stevie Nicks album.

Thank you for introducing me to The Woodland Wisdom Oracle. Looks pretty cool and assuming there are enough cards in it, I'll be buying it soon. I'm a sucker for faeries. (There's no double-entendre intended in the last sentence, but now I feel self-conscious.)

The only deck I wouldn't get is the Joie de Vivre Tarot, because even though it's technically well done, I don't respond well to Paulina Cassidy's card artwork. They all seem they'd be better New Yorker cartoons then tarots. My loss, suppose, can't please everyone.

Thank's for showing a card from each and the boxes Good post!


Tarot joie de vivre looks very nice, I am just asking me if that tarot desk is easy to use or not.
For those who know tarot card reading it can be really nice to use.


The Joie de Vivre deck is a fun deck. I just used it this weekend 12/4/2011 at a small fair. It was easy to read and gave me some interesting leaps of insight. I don't use the LWB. I just go with what I see in a deck. By incorporating traditional meanings as my foundation, that allows me to know if a deck will work or not. The Joie de Vivre will be in my "decks to read with" bag. :)

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