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Fascinating. I do like this deck a lot. Hope 3Jane shows up and tells us about this reading.

Account Deleted

AMAZING. I do love how the reading flows so easily. :) Fantastic.


Thank you for the reading!

I'm not expecting any promotions at work, but we celebrate everyone's birthday with a cake and singing and I got a cake yesterday. I already had a hard discussion as well. I certainly hope I wil not need any bail money, as I'm not a hard party type of person. When I look at the bull, I think about willpower training, regular exercise and such, which is something I intended to do this year.

As for the rest of the reading, I think I will have to come back to it after some time has passed and see how it relates to what has happened.

On the whole it strikes me that some vague cards have come up in the reading: guaranteed success, unsuccessful plans, successful outcome, climbing towards success, triumph over obstacles. These would be great if they were accompanied by a card signifying an area of life (like jug + pail), but aren't very useful in larger groups (like star + knot + eagle). If I was reading these cards, I'd be a bit stumped in several places.

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