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I really enjoyed this. It was nice to see the Pyramid reading in action. I've got the deck and have worked a bit with it.


Love the imagery on these cards and watching Ms Hepburn do the Pyramid reading was fascinating. I'm wondering if after doing one of these readings you will then start to see the symbolism in the cards in your daily life as messages or synchronicity? Thank you!

Rae Hepburn

Absolutely, Kim. Many users of the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards, myself included, pick a single card every day as a guide for the day. I'm glad everyone is enjoying them.


I loved Rae´s reading. She is brilliant as well as her Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. :)

Rae Hepburn

Thanks for those kind words, Aphrodisiastes. Big smile :) right back at you.

Cher Green

I enjoyed your video of this reading. Your cards are beautiful. I look forward to working with them further.

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