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The Wheel comparison is interesting, since it might show an underlying assumption about how the world works.

Wheel of Fortune shows external events that influence our life whether we want them or not. The visual assumption is that everyone will have their five minutes of fame, guaranteed by these external forces. There is an implied vertical axis and horizontal behind the wheel according to which the characters are oriented (vertical: amount of power; horizontal: amount of time). Despite being a circle, it depicts hierarchy.

On the other hand, Tea Leaf Oracle's Wheel speaks to me of the fact that if we do not commit and put effort, we won't get anywhere. It talks of cycles, circular thinking and such, where for practical purposes all points are exactly the same. In that way, it's more egalitarian. It also underscores the quality of free will: things won't happen to you automatically, there is no fate that will change you if you don't change yourself.


(Of course I'm assuming the traditional Wheel of Fortune here, with "regnabo/regno/regnavi/sum sine regno". In some decks, like Motherpeace, there is no explicit hierarchy but external forces/fate are still there).


I think the Bowl might be the 10 of Coins. :D This Wheel doesn't seem to allow for the ups so much as the downs. I like what 3Jane shared about it.

Rae Hepburn

I agree totally with 3Jane's take on the Wheel in Tea Leaf Fortune Cards.
While the Bowl indicates plenty of material things, it also has an explicit warning not build your life solely around the acquisition of material things as this may not bring you the happiness you thought it would. Quite honestly, I don't know which Tarot card has the same meaning.


Rae, the 10 of Coins is the material happiness card but upside down it would be that warning about what brings happiness. Very intriguing deck. And it's very cool that you are here sharing. As a new fan, I really appreciate that.

Aphrodisiastes Le Fay

Bowl (Empress + Page of Pentacles); Wheel (Two of Swords + Reversed Chariot).

My humble opinion:

Wheel of Fortune (Tarot) is about a mystery, greater forces at work.

Wheel (Tea Leaf Fortune Cards) is more mundane. It´s up to us make a decision and live a life with purpose.

Spell Casters

Interesting approach, the wheel reminds me to the buddhist wheel of samsara.

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