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“What card do you think was the most challenging?”

Perhaps Jacob Marley from a Christmas Carol?


LOL! No fair, Kort! You're married to the woman! I'm gonna guess the Ace of Cups because it's such a light and hopeful card. I would imagine this deck would make those types more challenging.


Hah Arwen, it is just an educated guess. I know there were several cards which posed a variety of challenges.


So did you model for any of them, Mr. Kramer-buns?

Account Deleted

Dearest Lisa,

I am your great fan. I can sense the broken heart of the spirit lady pictured in the Three of Swords. And the Two of Pentacles is a very beautiful (and complex) painting. Love it.

Is the Ghosts and Spirits tarot appropriated to contact beloved ones/spirits/otherworld in a reading?

Sending you many blessings of success, joy, happiness, and love. :)

Blessings in Sisterhood,

)O( Aphrodisiastes )O(


FYI- This gorgeous deck is expected to be available in late April. We can't wait!


Yes Arwen, for zombies and various other undead. VERY flattering to see myself portrayed as such. ;']



Apparently there is an problem with viewing the card images above when using Safari. The paintings become inverted, looking like film negatives. As far as I know, it isn't an issue with other browsers like Firefox, but if the cards appear like this on your screen, try viewing the blog using another browser. Thank you.


I'm using Firefox at home and my IE at work won't show them at all. Probably a fire wall issue there. Thanks, Kort. These are too pretty to not see correctly. Lynn, is it April yet?

WOW. I thought the problem was with viewing on a Mac. But now I am using Firefox instead of Safari (thanks Kort!) and the Justice Card is brilliant!! Lisa has such a talent for using color to evoke moods and nuanced meanings.

Lisa Paul

Can not wait fot this tarot. Have been impatienly waiting since I heard about it

Lisa Hunt

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, everybody! I appreciate all the support and enthusiasm for my upcoming Ghosts and Spirits Tarot deck. USG did a fabulous job with the production/packaging. It has been a wonderful ride through ghostly terrain. USG also conducted a thought-provoking interview that I hope you enjoy reading!

J.r. Rivera

Ghost and Spirits Tarot has this beautiful dark atmosphere. I'm a lover of dark and occult things. This deck will out shine.


Wow, the Knight of Swords is so intense! Really intrigued.

Lisa McKay

Beautiful...This deck will be fun to get to know.

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