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Now from work I can see the first one but none of the others. Argh. I still say Kramer was cheating.LOLOLOL! Running!

Aphrodisiastes Le Fay

Amazing interview. Lisa´s life lessons are precious. I love this part:

"Keep drawing, keep writing, keep it fresh and alive and embrace your inner perennial student." :)

I love how Lisa uses the colors in Ghosts & Spirits tarot. All the colors match the mood of the card. Just great!

Lisa allows the tarot cards to speak from an otherworld point of view. What do Ghosts and Spirits speak of each tarot card? Then we have their answers through Lisa´s Ghosts & Spirits tarot deck.

Brilliant tarot work.

)O( Aphrodisiastes )O(


Lisa gave amazing answers- so profoundly insightful . An inspiration to anyone and everyone involved in a creative process. Thank you for putting so much thought into your responses, Lisa.

J.r. Rivera

Congratulations Lisa. You certainly are an inspiration. I'm eagerly awaiting for this tarot deck to be released.


I can't wait for this deck!

Zanna Starr

I can't wait to see this deck! Great interview!

Nina Strandlod

Looks absolutely stunning!
One of my favorite decks is still the Celtic Dragon. Can't wait to get this.


The Four of Swords has so many details, I keep going back and looking at it.

Lisa McKay

I really like # 15 Chains-the ghost of Marley from A Christmas Carol-you know exactly what this means too.

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