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James Warren

Great work Lisa - can't wait until release.

Natalie Thrasher

I can't wait for this deck! It's so beautiful and unique and haunting! Wonderful work, as always, Lisa! :)

Nefer Khepri

As always, I look forward to your upcoming deck with great anticipation, Lisa. You inspire me. Nefer xoxo

J.r. Rivera

Lisa, never the less, you are simply divine. Every and any tarot with your art is a master piece.

Aphrodisiastes Le Fay

"This project was 50% preplanning, 50% spontaneous improvisation."

This is a marvelous way to contact the Muses (aka Spirits of Intuitive Creation). Love it, Lisa.

I completely agree with Lisa: Kris Waldherr, Patrick Valenza, and Joanna Powell Colbert are amazing people and great tarot workers.

"All time is sacred time."

So true! Family is really sacred, our essential part.

"Be true to your unique vision and inner voice."

This abbreviates the process of creation and happiness.

Thank you Lisa and U. S. Games for such a precious interview.

Blessings from the Muses,

)O( Aphrodisiastes )O(


If these cards look like black negatives PLEASE try using a different browser to appreciate the gorgeous colors in Lisa's paintings.

Tracey Winters

I want this deck! This is amazing. It definitely speaks to me. You have done some great work here.


"Be true to your unique vision and inner voice. Don't force anything." Words to live by.

I so want to this deck in person!


Can't wait to get this deck!! Love the details and pictures.

Lisa McKay

The 4 of Pentacles reminds me of the Kami from Hayao Miyazaki's "Princess Mononoke".

A cool blog with pictures of the kami and other spirits from "Monoke".

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