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Velvet Angel-Sharon

FIRST Apartment: 7 of Swords (PRO) – Because this card represents an advantage, yet the 7 of Swords is not a card we typically relate to an advantage or a “pro,” this may indicate something she is already aware of and can therefore work with because she knows about it. Even though an apartment building houses multiple tenants or families, this particular apartment may somehow set her apart from others, although not necessarily in a negative way. Because again, this is what the “pro” is for the 1st apartment). She may be aware that she should keep things locked up and safeguard her belongings to prevent theft by others. She’s likely already aware that she will need to be careful whom she trusts. Yet this apartment choice may also allow her to access some level of freedom – and perhaps some “lone wolf” time to herself.

A “steal of a deal” comes to my mind for the 7 of Swords as well . . . Perhaps this apartment is the lesser costly of the two choices she has.

STRENGTH (CON) – We would certainly associate Strength typically with an advantage, but it’s coming up to suggest a disadvantage of this apartment. When favorable cards turn up for a “con,” it’s like a liability – in other words, something we are not seeing in a situation. In this case, it looks like she might not be seeing the strength in this particular choice. She may instead be focused on the doubts (energy created from the 7 of Swords). Yet this apartment choice holds the potential to be a strong and favorable option . . . it’s just a matter of whether she can recognize this for herself.

SECOND Apartment: The Hermit (PRO) – A sensation of alone time comes up yet again. But the Hermit suggests a chance for X to realize her own truths in the situation – perhaps even truths and more awareness about herself and her options. Either apartment she chooses seems to bring out the concept that she’s on her own – and perhaps her biggest fear is feeling alone or lonely in an apartment.
But look at how this Hermit’s lantern seems to shed light on the next card. The next card is the Tower, representing the cons of this apartment. Because we see an upheaval and a “fall” of sorts in this card, it makes me question the safety of that apartment. It might be something to do with structure or wiring – or something that might not allow X to truly be or feel safe. This energy is quite illuminating, however. And with the Hermit pointing a lantern to shed even more light on the situation . . . it’s possible that X may already be at least somewhat aware of what this potential problem could be.

Perhaps it’s even an apartment choice that would be a bit too expensive for her and not as reasonably within her reach.

The Bottom Line: I think X may already have a good idea as to which apartment is the best fit for her. It feels like the 1st choice may be more affordable for her than the 2nd option. Something seems to be telling her that perhaps the 2nd choice is not right for her, but as with those “ivory towers” or “glass houses” in life, sometimes we feel pulled to something even when we instinctively know it might not be the right direction. It’s somewhat like moths that always get attracted to the light – even if they are following a bug zapper instead of what they thought! Either choice she makes though, it looks like she may also have some concerns about feeling isolated or cut off from others. Yet some alone time to grow may be just what she needs at this time in her life. Good luck to X on her apartment choice!



Dear Apartment Seeker:

As I see it:
Apartment #1
Pro, the seven of swords indicates that you may be able to negotiate with your charming whit a good deal on the cost of the rent. Additionally you can try to get a short term lease so that you can leave when you want and not pay a penalty.
Con, Strength tells me that the apartment will ultimately not meet your needs. It may be too small, no windows, or just badly situated. You would end up feeling like you can't get it together and you are always trying to keep yourself from going in different directions. Transportation may be difficult from this location. Maybe it is too far away and/or difficult to get to public transportation or doesn't have a garage if you need one.

Apt. #2 - Pro - The Hermit
This apartment has an older feel. It has the detailing you desire, maybe it has a fireplace, mouldings, hardwood flooring, marble detailing, very large windows with lots of light. I'm thinking possibly owned by an older person.
Con - The Tower
Because it is in an older building there is lots to go wrong. Electrical difficulties spring to mind first but older plumbing and appliances also come to mind. Could be the outlets need to be upgraded to prevent shorts. Check for leaks, mildew, infestations anything that could be a natural disaster in an apartment situation.
If you are limited the choice to just these two, than the first one would be the way to go. You will not be there long. You will use the time there to search for a more suitable arrangement for your future.
In Love and Light


With the first set,

The only thing wasted here is time. In thinking too much, someone may already have taken that apartment from you. This is the situation in which you need to know your limits before you leap, but you are encouraged to go for your goal... if you feel you're ready!

With the second set,

When you think about it, on the inside you know if you can do it or not. If you go by logic rather than heart, you will most likely not want to move to that apartment. There is a chance that there is a problem with the apartment that you have not yet seen.

First draw, yes
Second draw, no

...That tower is ominous in this situation!
Good luck

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