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Situation means you have the seed energy that you need. You can do this. Action is to understand that you are already in a growth place. Outcome is that your seed has now become a tree that supports you. :D


I agree with Arwen's conclusion but I think the person needs more help from others. The nine of pentacles gives me the feeling that the person has what they need to succeed but the nine is kind of lonely , I get the idea that the person needs to expand their business by bringing others onboard the project. Maybe more investors are needed.

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The seed energy could not be better than the Ace of Coins. Two things are going on here - the Seeker is being given an opportunity to move into a new cycle that brings together the body/mind/spirit, grounded by earth, and they will receive recognition for the work they are doing.

The action that the Seeker needs to take is that of nurturing their business, and listening to their intuition as to further actions they can take. Again, the Seeker is bring recognized for the work they are doing.

The outcome is that the work they have put in will not only bring them recognition, but will bring them in new business opportunities.


Oh great input, gang. Let's keep this going.

Christiana Gaudet

Well, with all those lovely Coin cards in sequential order, I would first say you are well on your way to doing exact what you want to do. This is clearly your right livelihood.

Each of these cards offers clear advice on how to stay on that path, and grow in the way you desire.

The Ace of Coins reminds you to keep grounded in your goals, and to stay focused, just as you were when you first started your business.

The Nine of Pentacles tells you that this path is your spiritual birthright. It also admonishes you to be confident in your gifts, and in yourself and your business.

While the Princess of Coins is a great outcome card, we must remember that she is,after all, only a princess. You desire to be King of your business. You must use the Princess (Page) energy of communication to market your business effectively. You must also remember that the Page is a student. You need to be a continuing student of your craft, but also a student of business and marketing.
Next, think about the rest of the Court as steps on which to proceed.
Be like the Knight, and relentlessly pursue your goals.
Be like the Queen, and nurture your business as if it were your child.
Finally, be like the King by being a leader. Teach, speak, and build and support a community around you.

Andrew McGregor

The Ace is a fantastic start. Some say it is the artists signature on the deck. This will be a great place for you to put your energy and creativity.

The nine is a card of expansion, growth and investment. Keep you focus on building steadily and keeping your focus. This card often speaks to me of putting the right steps in order. How is you business plan? Is it easy to convert to tasks? Make sure everything is laid out so you can act on it.

The Princess to me suggests that exponential growth is perhaps not what you will find. She speaks of waiting for things to align. The plant does not grow faster when you pull on it. You will find the growth you want but it is less in your direct control than you think and may happen in leaps and plateaus.


The Ace of Coins tells you that you are indeed in the right business and that to grow your business you need to go back to the basics. What felt right when you started it? What conditions existed? Are you still on the path that brought you to your decision to begin? This is a good time to reexamine your original expectations and shed new light on them based on all the experience you have acquired since then. Time to review your initial business plan. Are you on track or have you not completed some basic steps that would be of help to you right now. Dot all your i's and cross all your t's as you reexamine your plan. You might possibly find that to grow your business you will need to investigate an adjunct to your business which will be a new beginning.
The action you need to move forward is to become comfortable in the wealth that you have and will acquire. No time for fear of success. Become comfortable with handling, using and growing/investing your money in your business. Do you need to invest in new equipment? Marketing plans? Sales People? Your education? This card is telling you you have to be comfortable spending money to make money. Examine, Decide, Invest. Repeat.
Your outcome will be a place of joy in your work, where you can expect more growth, and more ideas to expand on as you continue to grow. It is not the end of the line, your ideas will take you to another level, a higher level, where you will take respite and leisure time to breath in your success before continuing on. While in this place you will play with new ideas for opportunities in developing your business. Breathing in and savoring the energy your success produces will allow you to transform this gift of energy for continued growth. Take time to smell the roses along the way. They are essential for your continued success.


Having not read the rest yet:

Situation: There is a new idea or endeavor, the planting of a seed that is already in place, whether it has come to the querent's conscious attention yet or not. The seed is planted, the means exists.

Action: Go forth honestly, with integrating what has already been established in the business. Wear no masks, see the situation and the action clearly, and with confidence. What you have established is strong enough to give you the freedom to expand.

Outcome: You will reap the rewards of your endeavors, as long as you stay focused on your goal. This seed will have matured into something where you can enjoy the creative fruits of your endeavor.

Account Deleted

Situation: This is a new beginning in business, a very good beginning. I can see prosperity and enthusiasm.

Action: Be confident, value the others (employees) and know that you have all it takes to be a great leader in business.

Outcome: You will be exploring new ways to make your business more balanced and harmonious. This will allow you to climb to success.

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