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I love the crystal visions tarot :) out of the decks I have I love the Guided Tarot Queen of Pentacles!


It's an amazing array of talent. I enjoyed that the Crystal Visions pair look like they are on the same hill!

Louise / Priestess Tarot

Interesting decks! Thank you for sharing :)

Christine Aguiar

I have the Joie de Vivre . The decks on my list are "The Cat's Eye", "Hobbit Tarot" and "Ghosts and Spirits Tarot".


Beautiful representations, one and all!

Donna L. Faber

I love how you share the new decks ... all so wonderful and inspired. My favorites are the Joie de Vivre and Ghosts. Awesome!

Alison Cross

These are really beautiful decks... I must explore them more! I'm not usually a fan of decks with writing on them, but the artwork in that Art of Life deck is lovely!

Ali x


Currently I am working with the wonderful Steampunk Tarot, it's really captured my attention. Thanks to this post my wish list includes Crystal Visions & Joie de Vivre. This is the first I've seen of the Hobbit Tarot - I want to see more!


Yes, these wonderful decks are a great harvest to celebrate - well done U.S. Games for consistently finding and publishing such lovely cards! None are on my wishlist, only because I don't want the Hobbit Tarot and have all the rest :)

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