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Following. My mom would love to have her stocking stuffed with these wonderful magnetics. (The fridge is hers) So I would share the prize with her since I will have my own fridge one day. And my fridge is going to be a fabulous magnetic tarot reader. :)


Following the blog. My favorite deck is the Rider Waite, but the Universal Waite is close enough! I love the adventurous Fool. He seems to have a "I'm gonna do this just to see what happens" kind of attitude and doesn't look back. With his airy quality, I consider him to have an insatiable curiosity.

As far as whose stocking...Mine!


I use Rider Waite.......always great the artwork on many other decks but somehow the RW speaks to me. I would love to have a magnet.......I'll gladly follow the blog. Good luck!


Following the blog. Love the Fool, but have a hard time choosing a favorite deck as there are some really nice ones. Waiting to see what's posted next!

Amanda Donnelly

I not only follow this blog, but it is in my blog roll, so I share with all my readers. Magnets are essential in our house, so I am looking forward to having some with my favorite theme, tarot. I also think it is funny that the Fool is "stuck" and can't fall off the fridge, or memo board.

(PS- I don't know what TypePad refuses to acknowledge my marriage, I am Amanda Donnelly now.)


Following! Love the Fool - it's one of the cards I measure a prospective deck by, though I have decks that I love with really different takes on this card.

Toni Walker

Lots of great images of the fools in there. Lovely. If I had to give it to anyone, I'd be sneaking this sucker into my own Santa stocking. He He He. I love the Universal Waite deck. And I have all those decks except the Old English Tarot.

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