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Zanna Starr

What a great idea! I love these, especially the Joie de Vivre -- and it's really cool to compare The Magician from different decks side by side. I confess, I would give these to my husband to put in MY stocking!


Nifty! I love seeing the different takes on the same card all together.

Amanda Donnelly

I love these so much! I am going to ask for them as stocking stuffers, all the sets. It will delight me to see the cards I love out of context of a reading, randomly on my fridge, or memo board.

It is so wonderfull that so many tarotist use blogs to share their knowledge and ideas about tarot. Your blog is mentioned in my Dutch tarot blog!


Oh! I love these! Would love to see the Empress and the High Priestess :)


I love all of them. :) I second Cathy: the Empress and the High Priestesss are my favorite Major Arcana. (Following the blog).


Love, love, LOVE The Magician. He's my favorite. I'm always thrilled when he shows up in readings as the message usually tells me, "You got this. You'll figure it out 'cause your magick is that strong."

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