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Aww, the Lovers card. So romantic. I don´t like the Marseille version of this card, I prefer the Rider Waite Smith one. But this Lovers card is so cute. :) My mom would love to have her stocking stuffed with some of these marvelous magnets. And I would also be happy with some magnets. Yay! I love this idea.


Oops! Following the blog.


The Medieval Cat is such a lovely deck... <3 I would love to have this on my fridge !


I'm following this blog and would love to win a set of magnets. I hope one of the sets is either Strength or The Sun, but I'd be happy with any of them.

Mary K. Greer

These magnets are a great idea. I hope there eventually will be all 22 Majors.


These are fantastic. I'd love a set for my fridge. :) I do follow this blog regularly.

Kathleen Simonds

Very Cool! Love the magnet idea. It's about time!


Love the magnet idea! Not sure of 6 of one card, would love to see six different cards

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