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Arwen Lynch, Professional Joy Seeker

My favorite Hierophant of these is the Ukiyoe because he looks troubled by the rules he must follow.


My favourite is definitely the Ancestral Path, even though she's rather non-traditional ;) This was the second or third deck I ever bought, and I still love it! The Gummy Bears is pretty cute, too :D

Joanne Sprott

I favor the Ancestral Path (Feminine perspective), although the Thoth has incredible depth of symbolism, as is true for the rest of that deck.


Thanks for sharing the Hierophant! - I like the Ancestral Path version the best of these.

Cher Green

I guess in the way of tradition, I've always preferred the rider-waite Hierophant, but of these the Ancestral Path does call to me.

Christiana C. Gaudet

Yay for the Ancestral Path Tarot!

Aisling the Bard

Love the diversity of imagery here, and love the concept of comparison between decks--I do that. And of course, there's a card or two on here telling me what deck(s) I need to buy next!


When I look at the Hierophant I think about structure, tradition, and rules. I think that the Thoth's Hierophant is one of my very favorites.

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