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Tina Priester

I have been watching this deck progress from mid-last year and I am simply amazed at the amount of creativity and symbolism in these cards!

amy edie

I'm so excited to see what your new 'secret' second deck will be!! It's like reading a book series and having to wait for the next one to come out! Frustration and Anticipation...How fun!!!!

Amy Etkind

How do you link a share from Facebook?


The deck looks amazing! All of the hard work, time and energy devoted to the project really shines through. I'm excited about the other decks too!


Shared on Facebook... All I can say is Wow. I admire anyone who is both an artist and a writer, and I love this art. Just beautiful! I would love to review this on my blog.

Sunset Dawn

I have the same question as do I link a share from Facebook??
I did share on Facebook. Here is my comment:
"I'd love to have this beautiful, inspiring oracle deck. Thank you for your hard work, Kim Dreyer!"

shannon smith

Liked and shared love this deck can't wait to have one all going to plan with payments etc from new zealand as our country is beautiful just like this deck amasing and inspiring like it alot

Maria Maas

Obviously a "Work of Heart." Just beautiful!

Maria Maas

Shared on my Facebook- Mystic Insights Tarot and Twitter account @MysticInsights

Ruth Adkins

I read tarot and oracle cards professionally, have shared on my business Page:

I would love to add this to my repertoire!


Shared on my page :)


I shared this on facebook as well. I hope this is the proper link:

Heather Bird

I love these cards they are so beautiful.You are truly amazing very beautiful woman. Cant wait to see the next ones

Kristin Beaumont

This is a very inspirational deck. I could work with it very well. It would add greatly to any reading. Well done!


shared on facebook! :D Beautiful deck. I would be honored to use it. Breath taking imagery!! <3


They look amazing.

Alexandrea Ward

I randomly saw a card from this deck and felt that I had to find it. It is so different than what is already out there and it just called to me. I love the incorporation of the angels, spirit guides, etc because I love all of these things. I think that this combination is something that I'd love to look at regularly. I hope to win a deck :).

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